Saturday, 16 April 2011

Vintage Stylings Free from Shabby Blogs

Hey Curious Readers! Before this blog really kicks off there is one site I have to thank for making this blog look the way it does. is an amazing resource for vintage style blog loveliness, from headers to buttons to page dividers, they do everything you could possibly want to add some glamour and wonder to your blog. 
The amazing thing about  is that everything available is free which is excellent for people like me who are starting out in the blogosphere, so please take a look at their site which I have linked here and also remember to check out their actual blog (link on the side) as they often add designs and other gorgeous vintage couture that do not appear on the site. They also have tutorials for those like me who are less in the know when it comes to website/blog design and will answer any questions you may have.

They have not asked me to discuss them on my blog, I am doing it out of sheer respect for the site so hopefully you will see just how much I love them!

Please feel free to comment and come back, lots of things to be adding later to improve content!

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