Monday, 18 April 2011

DIY Tutorial: Homemade Sugar Scrub

Hello Curious Readers!

Today I am sharing my incredibly easy/super low cost homemade sugar scrub. Great for clearing out those pores and making your skin feel silky and luxurious!

The Key Ingredients 

  • A Carrier Oil (I used avocado oil however I have also used normal sunflower oil and Grape Seed Oil)- The important thing to remember is to use an oil with a fairly thin consistancy so it does not leave your skin looking/feeling greasy.

  • An Exfoliant (In this tutorial Natural Light Muscovado Sugar- I like to use sugar as it smells amazing and also tastes yummy if you accidently get some in your mouth!

  • A Fragrance (I used Vanilla Essence as it is exceptionally yummy with the brown sugar)- There are many different fragrances/essential oils that are great for face scrubs depending on your skin type and they can be combined to best suit your skin. There is an excellent book available called Feeding Your Skin which can be found here. It gives you the best combinations for your skin and so many other lovely recipes!

Now For the Recipe

    • First gather your ingredients and decide on what combinations you are going to use!
    • Put 1 Cup (or however much you feel you wish to make) of the muscovado sugar into a mixing bowl.
    • Pour approximately 1/3 of a cup of avocado oil (or a carrier oil of your choice) into the bowl.
    • Mix the oil and sugar together, adding more of either recipe until you reach something the consistancy of wet sand.

    • Next add your essential oils/essences, as this is just a simple all round scrub I am just using vanilla essence to make it smell yummy!

    • Lastly put all the lovely scrub into a purpose made jar or use an old jam jar. Put on your bathroom shelf and use whenever you want to feel extra wonderful!

    I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, I personally LOVE this scrub, it is super simple, really cheap and leaves my skin feeling lovely. I especially like to use it before I go out for the evening as it leaves your skin so soft that any makeup you wear seems to go on so much better!

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