Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Royal Wedding: I'll Have The Will & Kate Special Please

Hello Curious Readers!

The Royal wedding is now two days away, this time in 48 hours I shall be with fine friends eating fine food and drinking free champagne and watching the Royal wedding on a rather large screen at our nearby drinking establishment ;) In the excitement running up to the wedding I have a few posts related to the UK, Royals and Weddings to share with you so expect a few posts a day!

Firstly, I received an email today that I felt I just had to share with my UK based readers, Domino's the pizza monolith is doing possibly the best Royal wedding related deal I have heard of this week.

In celebration of the Royal wedding they are offering one free medium cheese and tomato pizza to any couple called William and Kate who go into their local domino's store. The offer is only available on Friday the 29th of April and before anyone has cheeky ideas of changing their names, you have to supply photographic proof and both William and Kate (not the real ones!) must be present!
Georgina Wald, Corporate Communications Manager of Domino's stated in the press release "The Marriage of PrinceWilliam to Kate Middleton is a national celebration and Domino's is delighted to be offering couples out there a chance to join in the excitement"  and I have to say I agree, many of the deals I have seen relating to the wedding of the year have been fun but Domino's is the funniest one, I can just imagine William and Kate turning up at their local domino's and vetoing the standard wedding food at Buckingham Palace in favour of a pizza!

For those like me, who are not called Kate and are not in a couple with a man called William, we can still celebrate in our own way as Domino's is doing their buy one, get one free deal from Tuesday 26th of April to Sunday 1st of May! So get down there and celebrate a historical event with a free pizza!

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