Sunday, 17 April 2011

Picture of the Day (POTD): The Little Mouths I Have To Feed

Hello Curious Readers,

Good Morning! Today I bring you, in my opinion, the cutest picture of the day I will ever post! This is a photo collage of my animals who I will inevitably be discussing in more detail throughout these pages in the future.

So here they are, the menagerie of animals owned by the boy and I.
Top Row from Left to Right: Roxy, Darcy
Bottom Row from Left to Right: Ranger, Keira ,Rufus

Ranger (the bunny) was our first addition to the family, including her sister Recon who sadly died two years ago. She was followed by Keira who suffers from a debilitating immunity disease, her health is carefully monitored and kept in check with the use of steroids.
Keira was quickly followed by Rufus who was a rescue cat who was abused as a kitten, due to this he can be rather nervous unless he is with us and like Keira, he can be a poorly boy at times and suffers from fits when frightened however he is a lovely boy and often likes to bring us "presents".
About a year after Rufus we obtained Darcy who despite being over two years old now is still a tiny little thing but the healthiest of the three! She is becoming a bit of a porker as all she does is lay in the sun or cause mischief.
Last but by no means least is Roxy, the puppy, who is about 18 months old. She is a Westie/Yorkie cross, full of beans who taught herself to beg on queue, much to the adoration of her many admirers!

We love them all for their many quirks and nuances and I can guarantee they will all feature on here, either together or apart haha.

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