Saturday, 16 April 2011

DIY Tutorial: Make Your Own Sugarpaste Roses

Hey Curious Readers,

In the spirit of getting this blog up and running I am going to be spending a few weeks blogging regularly (sometimes as often as several times a day), this will not be a regular event on the blog as hopefully I will get a job soon that keeps me busy but while I am not working I might as well add quality content to the site. However I will endeavorer to maintain a daily post even when I am busy.

This is the first of hopefully many DIY tutorials, this one in particular is about making sugarpaste roses for cakes/cupcakes however as the blog progresses I will add tutorials for a myriad of different things.

Firstly excuse the poor mobile phone pictures, I took them a while ago however I will attempt to replace them at a later date once I find my camera charger. I originally posted this on my page on the Offbeat Bride Tribe (for more info about Offbeat Bride see here)

I decided to teach myself how to make sugarpaste roses after realising that I wanted to make and decorate my own cupcakes for our wedding, my inspiration for out Alice In Wonderland cupcakes can be seen in the picture below:

Oooo the cupcake frosting, those whipped peaks of sugary goodness, I cannot wait till we make the trial cupcakes this summer (and trust me there will be a post on that!).

So without further ado:


Step One: Mould the sugarpaste (in the colour of your choice) into a conical shape. I actually made the tip of mine too think however at the end you will see a picture of one I made earlier where the appropriate thickness will be shown.

Step Two:  Take a piece of paste and roll it into a small ball. Place the ball in between two layers of cling film.

Step Three: Thin out the petal edges ( I find using your thumb works best) and remove from the cling film. Wrap the petal around the cone, surrounding the entire tip of the cone. You can see in my picture where making the tip of the cone too big can stop the petal surrounding it, see my picture and make sure yours does NOT look like that haha.

Step Four: Place Two more petals around the cone in a similar way, I personally like the place them over areas where the previous petal joins the cone (or other petals). Continue the next row with three petals, applied in the same way.

Step Five: The next row contains four petals to finish your rose.

Here are the two roses I have made so far, the one to the left  is the one shown  step by step here. The right is my "perfect" one, also known as the one I am actually happy with! The left is the one shown in this tutorial and typically, I managed to mess it up haha. You can see the difference the size of the tip of the cone can make, it made the rose a lot better, personally I prefer to daintier one.

I hope you enjoyed my first DIY Tutorial and have fun making your own yummy sugarpaste roses for cakes and cupcakes!


  1. Lovely blog! The chocolate roses are beautiful too! I'll have to give it a try.
    Thanks so much for hopping by and visiting me!
    I'm your newest follower!!

    Have a great week!

  2. aww thank you for following me! Yeah, I definitely want to try the chocolate roses next :)


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