Sunday, 24 April 2011

Garden Fun

Hello Curious Readers!

It is Easter weekend and it has been very busy here at Curious HQ. From painting the walls (The Boy) to doing some gardening (me), we have been spending the weekend practicing what we preach and doing some most needed DIY!

While he was painting, I have been moving and re planting herbs and while I was doing it I was thinking, I have a "wishlist" of items that I want for my home but no pretty pieces of decor for the garden! That is what inspires this post, what would I want to put in my garden if I had the spare funds at the moment? Why do I not spend the same amount of cash on my garden that I do on my home interiors?

So here is my ten piece wishlist of what I want for my garden to make the task of maintaining it more fun and to make it more beautiful, with the all important links so you can buy it for yourselves!

Alice in Wonderland Teapot Planter
Amaonas Aruba Cayenne Hammock
Antique Three Tiered Garden Shelf
Spotty BirdHouse
Wooden Garden Croquet Set
English Rose Garden Secateurs
Pink Bunny Rabbit Watering Can
Union Jack and Rose Doormat
Blossom Outdoor Fairy Lights
Vintage Style Garden Bunting

All items are from Amazon, dotcomgiftshop or Bombay Duck. Possibly my three most favourite places on the internet to buy home furnishings!

If you buy any then please send me an email to show it in use in your home, I would love to have a reader showcase, showing your beautiful homes, DIY creations or recipes!

Until we meet again, Happy Easter and happy DIY!


  1. Hello, I found you from Blog Frog! I love your blog!!! Very excited about future posts!
    Hope you and your family had a Wonderful Easter!

  2. Aww thank you Lauren! It is nice to see people are enjoying the blog :)


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