Books and Literary Inspiration

Throughout this blog I will discuss many topics from cooking to interior design, from fashion to literature and more often than not I will mention a book that has inspired me or a recipe I have followed therefore I thought it would be wise to mention the books I own and use. Some are just random "picture" books, others are a bit more informative but all hold a special place on my bookshelves.

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The International School of Sugarcraft by Nicholas Lodge and Janice Murfitt 
Cook Yourself Thin: The Delicious Way To Drop A Dress Size by Harry Eastwood and others.
Cook Yourself Thin: Quick and Easy by Harry Eastwood and others


Une Semaine De Bonte: A Surrealist Novel In Collage by Max Ernst


(Quick Note: I literally adore reading, I like nothing better than curling up with a good book, a cat on my lap and a warm cup of chai tea so expect this list to be both long and varied, I like to keep my reading material like my home furnishings, eclectic and random! Therefore I have attempted to organise the novels according the genre)

Pride and Prejudice By Jane Austen
Great Expectations By Charles Dickens
Philosophy in the Boudoir By Marquis De Sade
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland By Lewis Carroll
Through the Looking Glass By Lewis Carroll

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