Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Royal Wedding Roundup: God Save McQueen

Hello Curious Readers!

It has been a few days since my last post and I must apologise for that, what with the royal wedding celebrations, my sister's impromptu visit and babysitting for my future brother and sister in law it has been a busy busy weekend.
So I thought I would just discuss the most lavish event of the year :)

Firslty, my most heartfelt congratulations to our new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge,  Don't they look happy?
Photo courtesy of Geoff Pugh and The Daily Telegraph. 
I hope they are not suffering from post wedding blues, I worry I will suffer from them after our wedding next year as it can be consuming planning a wedding and I know that from this June (the one year countdown mark), it is going to be hard to not let it completely take over!
The new Duchess of Cambridge, Kate (or do we call her Catherine now?) Middleton looked stunning in her Alexander McQueen gown, I have to say I had a funny feeling that she might pick McQueen, he was a fantastic designer and it was nice to honour him in this way. 
Radiant brides make me smile and I am very impressed with her abilty to combine modesty with traditional and modern styles

Of course if it had been me I wouldn't have gone so simple, or at least I would have jazzed it up with McQueen's gorgeous Red Rose Bolero:

I want this for my wedding sooo badly but I fear it would cost more than my entire budget!
You can probably get an idea of my style from that comment, I bet an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding seems less surprising now!
So what did everyone think of Kate's Wedding dress? Please answer the poll below and as an extra challenge, please leave a comment about what you would or did (if you are already married) wear on your wedding day!

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