Saturday, 7 May 2011

Interior Design Showcase: What is your style?

Hello Curious Readers!

I think I have quite an interesting topic for my readers today and I hope you will agree. I would like to get to know you all better which will hopefully give me some ideas on what is popular so I can more efficiently give you all what YOU want to see (NOT just what I want to write! haha).

Today's post is about the basics of interior design, colour schemes, general styles etc etc, I am a big fan of bright palettes, vintage styling mixed with modern, let's just say I follow the eclectic path through most parts of my life and my interior design sense is no question!

**As these pictures have been found on flickr and there is the all important creative commons issues, I would firstly like to say that while I chose these pictures because I like them, I am not being endorsed by any of the artisans responsible for their creation. I have tried to give credit wherever possible but if I could not, please note I do not take credit for these images**

So firstly you have your rainbow style interiors:
I am actually doing this to one of the boy's horrid old bookcases he has had since he was a single guy on his own, seems fitting I get to spruce it up a bit!

Rainbow Books! I must do this! Courtesy of Flickr User Mind on Fire

I love the rainbow coloured kitchen cupboards! Courtesy of Flickr user Sterin

Then you have your minimalist neutral spaces:

Bit too clean and white for me, I create mess wherever I go!

Lots of gorgeous sunlight would be nice!

I actually really like the use of dark wood in this one!

Then you have your statement pieces/colours:

Not only are teal and pink my favourite colour combo but I love the bright pieces against white backgrounds!

I kid you not...I want a ceiling like this!

An otherwise neutral room is brought to life with this amazing wall mural

My favourite of all the above would actually have to be a mixture of the three! In my ultimate home, I want rooms to amaze people when they walk in, I want colourful pieces in neutral rooms and neutral pieces in colourful rooms!  Anything that brings a bit of wonder to my wonderland is most welcome!

So how about you? What is your interior design style? Please answer the poll and also give extra comments below if there is anything you want to add.

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