Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Loving Where You Live

Hello Curious Readers!

I have had a few emails from followers asking for a bit more information about me and where I live to get an idea of context when I talk about various topics, as I am one to follow the advice of my readers and in my way of saying thank you for reading the blog at all, here is a bit more information about where I live.

Firstly, I live in the County of Kent in South East England, see below for a map:

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So hopefully for all my international readers (which if blogger stats are anything to go by, are most of you!) you now have a bit more of an idea of where I am in the good old UK.

As you can see, Kent is quite near london, where I live is approximately 40 miles (or approximately 6.5 Km) from London, this makes it an excellent place to live in my honest opinion. I get to live in a rural area but if I want to travel to the capital it is an easy train journey and I am in the hustle and bustle of London!

That's it for now, but no worries, I will be Tweeting all day (please follow me on Twitter @SarahEliza_x) and later on this evening, once I get my kitchen back, I will be FINALLY finishing the homemade primer recipe :)

Until then, Happy Star Wars Day, we shall duel mentally with our lightsabers across the great expanse that is the internet :)

(Otherwise known as Darth Sarah...I am bad and you know it)

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